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Organised computing facilities were introduced in Universiti Malaya (U.M) in mid-1967 with the installation of an IBM 1130 computer system. At that point in time, UM was one of the pioneers in the use of computers in this country.

Computing services were available on an IBM 1130 central processing unit with 8K (16-bit) words main memory, a card read/punch unit and a line printer.

In December 1969, Pusat Komputer was upgraded into a University Institution of teaching and research in computer science and technology, in addition to its service role. The Board of Management consists of the Vice Chancellor as Chairman, the Director of the Centre as Secretary and representatives from the Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Senate.

As the number of registered users grew and with increasing demands on computing services, the facilities were upgraded in January 1972. These included the enhancement of memory to 16 K words, and the renting of two additional disk drives and a faster line printer.

Microcomputer courses were introduced in 1984. Short intensive courses in word processing, database managements and a few other packages are being conducted.



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