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Faculty of Science Video Conferencing Facilities

In order to provide UM with the video conferencing facilities, PTM had  a room  renovated and upgraded . Faculty of Science generously gave their C1 lecture hall to be renovated as video conferencing hall. The facility began operating on 29 August 2006.

The Facilities in video conferencing hall includes the following items :-

Video Conferencing device ( wireless microphone - tie clip, hand-held, video conferencing camera)
Internet line ( JARING dan MyREN – Malaysia Research & Education Network)
2 units rear projector ( projection from back ) – 5000 Lumens
2 units screen - 6 foot X 4 foot
Plasma screen – 42 inch
Sound proof wall
A hall that has capacity of 43 audiences 

Wireless Microphone
(tie clip wireless - 1 unit)
Wireless Microphone
(hand-held wireless -1 unit)
43 seat capacity hall
Video Conferencing Equipment
2 units of acrylic screens - 6 X 4 foot
  Sound Proof wall
Plasma screen 42 inci


Delegates from University of Kyoto, Japan and Tsinghua University, China visited Video Conferencing Hall on 29 August 2006

Video Conferencing facilities at other places

PTM has also acquired video conferencing devices for other places:

    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Klang Hospital
    • Banting Hospital
    • Academy of Islamic Studies, Kuala Lumpur
    • Academy of Islamic Studies, Nilam Puri, Kelantan
    • City Campus

Reservation Procedure

Any enquiries or reservation, please contact :-

    1. Mr. Razemi bin Ibrahim

PTM welcomes universities  staff to use these video conference facilities. PTM. To download the form, please click on the desired form:

E-Lecture Hall Booking for Video Conferencing (PDF)
E-Lecture Hall Booking for Other Purpose (Lecture, Meeting, etc) (PDF)

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