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Steps on How to get started with our UMHPC @ PTM :

Check if the software you want to use is available in any of the listed machine :

  • once identified you can proceed to contact our representative to get an account.

If the software you are looking for is NOT YET available in any of the two (2) machines listed THEN :

  • It is advisable that you use your research grant to buy the software .

  • Once you have the grant and if you need our assistance, we can help to arrange the procurement with identified agent .

  • You may also need to check with the supplier as to whether the software is compatible with our machine environment.

Click to Download the HPC Account Registration Form:  

Any further enquiry , please contact our rep via email hpcadmin<at> or call : +603 - 7967 7153 (UMHPC Admin)

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