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Welcome to the GIFSCOM Project Coordination space. This space is for the GIFSCOM Coordinator, Mr Yoo Sang Nge and the GIFSCOM Project Management Team to coordinate and provide status on project activities.
Project Information
Title : Grid Infrastructure For Scientific Computing : Towards Development of a Campus Wide Search Grid
Account Number : FP078/2005C
Duration : 01 January 2006 - 31 December 2007 ( 2 Years )
Allocation : RM 45,000.00
Important Dates
November 06
Developing grid-based intelligent agent for knowledge mining within the grid environment
November 06
Enhancing security algorithms for secure group communications, management of trust relationships and developing new mechanism for fine-grained access control

November 06
Developing applications that use grid services to integrate scientific instruments, displays, computational and information resources  
November 06
Developing uniform mechanism for naming, locating and allocating computational and communication resources in the grid environment

November 06
Designing and producing an infrastructure - level architecture for data management
November 06 -Current
Integrating all the other clusters under Geranium
1 October 06
Installation of middleware for jobs submission from users
1) Batch serial job submission - Condor
2) Parallel jobs submission - MPI and PVM
1 August 06
Integrating existing clusters under Geranium which is would be leverage on the MYREN

Accessing Combi cluster through Geranium for testing purpose

1 July 06 - Current
  Installation, testing and updating of the other Bioinfomatics tools
1 July 06
  Developing basic security for access control
31 June 06
Combi applications are ready running for the users

Bioinformatics Tools
1) Gromacs
2) Emboss

Programming Tools & Libraries
1) C Compiler
2) Fotran Compiler

17 - 31 June 06
Combi cluster maintenance

1) Developing Combi cluster web portal
2) Storage maintenance
3) Updating Combi's applications

1 June 06
Develop/ enhancing grid engine portal Installation of
1) Globus Toolkit - grid middleware
2) GridSphere - grid portal
3) Network Weather Services - grid performance monitoring and forecasting
2 May -16 June 06
Installation and Testing 1) Emboss - Application suites for sequence analysis
2) Storage Installation
3) Testing of Gromacs for MPI running

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