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Our webhosting service is only applicable to departments and organizations within the University of Malaya.

Please log into UMPortal ( ‘Maklumat ICT > Perkhidmatan Webhosting’) to :
  • View the policy related to our webhosting service
  • Get / download all the related form

Any further enquiry please contact : +603-2246 3261 (Administrator Webhosting PTM)

Please take note that all UM related web site must comply to the following minimum standard :

  • All UM related website must have a ‘ link back’ to UM Website visible on the homepage
  • All UM related website must use the correct UM Logo with the latest Tagline
  • Please ensure that your website have Contact Us Information.
  • Further advice on layout and content please contact :
Last Update : 09 May 2013
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