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UM HPC @ PTM : Background

1. About UM High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the application of large problems to specialized high speed computing equipment.At present within the University community, there is a growing interest in its usage in all areas across the fields of scientific and engineering whose problems require ever more computing power.

The UM HPC under PTM’s administration started operation in 2009. The Central HPC facility was set up to capitalise on the operational cost effectiveness. The set up was proposed to minimise the existance of small HPCs which was found mostly under utilized , expensive to maintain separately and have security issues.

UMHPC@PTM is open to new users, prospective HPC users shall find access to local resources easier than trying to use HPC facilities outside, hence promoting more research using computer simulations


2. Why Use HPC

  • The provision of large HPC will enable more research publications in the fields of science and technology.
  • HPC provides contemporary research methodology by using computer simulation & modeling.
  • More publication will be produced

3. UMHPC to address the increasing Needs for HPC in UM Research Environment

The field of computational sciences predominantly in chemistry and physics (for example), become ever more competitive. Nowadays, chemical computations have become routine and experimental results are usually reported together with computational studies in reputable journals.

Researchers are now solving problems beyond the grand challenges into the life sciences where systems are much bigger and more complex.And the real HPC focus is now moving to biological computational problems such as genomic, protein and drug discovery which require HPC or cluster computer with processing power in the teraflop1 range since on cheaper and less powerful computer in the gigaflop range (achievable on less than 10 CPU cluster), the calculations may take weeks or even months.Applications software for molecular mechanics, dynamics and quantum mechanics such as Amber, Gaussian and NAMD have been known to tax the most powerful computer systems.

4. Current Usage Scenario

  • Click HERE to see List of Research in UM that uses our UMHPC Facilities in PTM

  • Click HERE to see the number of users by Year/ Faculty & Department

    5. Current Support Scenario

    The UMHPC located in PTM is the central HPC's facility provided to support the computational scientists, engineers and others.

    The HPC solution initially proposed and provided was a balanced system that is able to optimally handle computational chemistry codes and yet be generic enough for engineering, statistics, physics and bioinformatics applications. The system is also easily upgradeable to better performance levels should the need arise.

    PTM current support on HPC are:

    • administering and troubleshooting on the softwares installed
    • administering users
    • operation maintenance and housekeeping of HPCs related machine


    Any further enquiry , please contact our rep via email hpcadmin<at> or call : +603 - 7967 7153 (UMHPC Admin)

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