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UMMail in NOKIA E71

How To set UMMail in NOKIA E71

UMMAIL In Nokia E71 :

Your Nokia E71 includes a Consumer email application that provides easy access to most of the existing Internet email accounts, such as UMMail or PerdanaMail. Many other email services also support the standard POP or IMAP protocols that are used for downloading email. If you're using one of the popular free email services, or if your email provider has told you that it supports POP or IMAP, then you can use Consumer email for your email needs.

To set up your Consumer email:

Highlight and select “Set up e-mail” on your home screen using the NaviKey.

Select “Start e-mail setup” from the menu that appears.

Please read this and other screens carefully during the setup process as they will provide additional information and hints on how to proceed.

Select “Start” to begin entering the information for your email account.

The setup wizard will need to access the network in order to complete your configuration. Depending on your operator contract, this may involve some data transfer charges. Select “Yes” to allow the wizard to access the network.

Please wait for the wizard to establish a network connection.

Select “E-mail”.

This screen will vary depending on what services are available in your country. The screen does not appear in every case.

Enter your email address (i.e or and select “OK”.

Enter your email password and select “OK”.

The setup wizard will take a moment to define your email settings.

For most common email services, the setup wizard can find the rest of your email settings for you, so there's nothing more to configure.

If you're using a less common email service that isn't recognized by the setup wizard, you may need to enter some more information, and the setup wizard will continue to ask you for your server settings.

For Advance configuration please refer below :

Protokol : Server Name : Port :
Incoming Server

Outgoing Server


*Please use smtp4 only if you are facing problems with smtp1 and 2.



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