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Here are basic guidelines on how to send  message to the moderated mailing list (UMINFO / STUDENT_INFO / STUDENT_IPS)

1. Please send the message in text format only ( no other formats are allowed, click here for some visual guides).
2. Attachment are strictly prohibited. This is to prevent from flooding of users mailbox unnecessarily. Full mailbox will prevent users from receiving any mail (Especially for  those user who rarely read and maintain their mailbox).
3. There are two ways from which a user can choose to send attachment to the mailing list:
  1. Upload the attachment file using the ‘File Sharing’ function in UMPortal.
  2. Then send a message to the desired mailing list stating the link/URL/address where the file is stored.  

Note :

Please refer to this link for 'Guide on how to use this new File Sharing module in UMPortal'.

4. Only UMMail/PerdanaMail account's user can use the mailing list.
5. Please make sure that message sent to the mailing list is not carbon copied to other email (cc to others) at the same time.

Maximum acceptable number of recipients are set to 10 ONLY.

Your email will be automatically blocked by the system if you send to more than 10 recipients at one time. You will also received a message from the system saying that your message will be moderated.


This will hamper unprecedented Mail queue at the Mail Gateway which in turn will hamper other users' mail. Unmoderated Mailing List's user cooperation and understanding of are mostly appreciated.

What is Mailing List ? Click here for info

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