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Portable Thunderbird for UMMAIL's Mobile Users

UMMail users can bring along their mail client mailbox with them (on a portable drive) by using Portable Thunderbird .

How To start up your Portable Thunderbird :
  1. Download the portable package here.
  2. Install it by double-clicking the downloaded file (click here for the configuration).
  3. Select the location you wish to install (your portable drive) and click "OK" button. A PortableThunderbird directory will be created and all the necessary files installed.
  4. Browse the newly created folder in your portable drive and double click PortableThunderbird icon to launch the application.
  5. Use it just like you use a local copy of mail client.
How To import Existing Emails from your PC to your portable drive :

-> Click here if you wish to import emails from other supported mail clients (e.g : MS Outlook, Outlook Express etc) into Portable Thunderbird.

How to access new emails from UMMail server from the portable :

-> Plugin your portable drive to the computer to download all the New incoming emails from the UMMail server

Last Updated 15th April 2009

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