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WHAT IS UM Mailing List

UM mailing list refers to the service that enables individual to send email material to multiple recipients within UM community. 

There are 3 types of mailing list service available :

1.   moderated  - Specially intended to provide a standard channel to broadcast official news and events to UM community. All emails sent to the moderated mailing list will be filtered by list admin.

      List of moderated UM Mailing List Services are :

  • - uminfo            (to UM Staff)
  • - student_info    (UM Student - Undergraduate)
  • - student_ips      (UM Student - Postgraduate)

2.  unmoderated – Specially intended to provide a non moderated communication channel for UM community to share views.

List of unmoderated UM Mailing List are as follows :

  • -  umlist 
  • -  staf_sokongan
  • -  staf_akademik




Attention !

All users are advised to practise routine housekeeping to maintain their email accounts

Housekeeping steps are :

  1. Delete all unwanted mails.
  2. Copy those important emails to your pc before deleting them.

Unattended emails will cause the following:

  1. User email accounts will exceed their quota.
  2. User will not be able to send or receive new email including the emails from the mailing list.
  3. The mailing list system will automatically take out the user's account from the mailing list if the user didn't inform the mailing list administrator (list_admin[a] or call 03-7967 7113 ) within 7 days from when the user's account reaches it's quota limits.



Click Here for Mailing List Guidelines (PDF).

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