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Free Word Processing Software

How To set Free Word Processing Software

Do you know that there is an alternative word processing software other than Microsoft Word?

It has nearly all the basic functions plus it is Free. It is an Open Source Based Software which does not require any licensing fee. It is called OpenOffice.


Just download the installer, setup and you are ready to use it.

Just to let you know that :

The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) has started practicing the usage of OpenOffice to replace Microsoft Office, since 19th March 2008. MAMPU has officially adopts a policy to migrate to the open source productivity suite. Click here to read more.

References :
  1. Download OpenOffice from here :
    2. Other Link
  1. Get the guides here and start using it.
  1. Mampu OpenOffice Policy :
    1. MAMPU OpenOffice Usage Policy (in Bahasa Malaysia)
    2. Why Change to (in Bahasa Malaysia)



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