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No More Filling Up Manual Forms When Applying for UMMail Special Account

UMMail has added a new UMMaiL function called "Online Special Account Registration".

Why We do it :

To reduce physical papers handling and  to resolve specific  issues related to account creation of the following Category of UMMail Applicants  :-

   a) Not appointed by Human Resource Dept. (such as RAs /Part timers )
    b) New staf whose status not yet activated by Human Resource  via the HRIS
    c) Special Account for Ptj/unit/department etc
    d) Others which include industrial  industrial training student etc

About the function :

This function can only be used by UM staff who already has an email  account with UMMaiL.

 1.     This function will allow you to :
      a)     create a special UMMaiL account for Faculty/Centre/Institute (i.e email account for
                             Dean, Conference, Webpage etc)
      b)     assist *new staff to create an UMMaiL account:
                        *new staff with salary number but CANNOT register UMMaiL online.
                        *new staff without salary number (appointed by Faculty/Centre/Institute).

  2.     How to use this function :
      a)     UM's staff should type in their IC No. / Passport No. to verify the responsibility for
                             creating this account.
      b)     Type in the requested email account details.

  3.     Once the online registration form was submitted, an email will be sent to the applicant's Head of
               Department for verification.
                    * The Head of Department will have to verify the registration via email.

  4.     ONCE verified, the applicant will receive an account registration confirmation via email.
                          - UMMAiL Administrator -May 2010-Collaborative & Communicative Application Division

Collaborative and Communicative Application Division

Last Updated 16th June 2010

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