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About the University of Malaya Web site (UM Web site)


The network of University of Malaya Web site (UM Web site) is as large and complex as the institution itself. The core UM Web site consists of not only a mere single portal but a collection of sites generated by several internal systems which has been redesign to cater for the general public view. In addition to the core sites , UM Web site also contains links to a substiantial number of independent subsites which represents it's internal organisations such as the Faculties, Academies, Institutes, Centres, Research Centres, Residential Colleges, Administration Offices and independent organizations.

Since the Web enhancement Project in 2007, the university realised the fact that information presented on the main UM Web site and all its related sites must suit the requirement for public and international viewing. Thus, efforts has been put to prepare multiple platforms to seggregate the information for various requirements. The enhancement effort is a continous joint effort of all the respective entities representing the whole University of Malaya academics and administrative spectrums. To us in UM, the enhancement project is a continous project realising the fact that the world wide web plays a significant part of digital branding and information marketing.

The relationship between University of Malaya website and UMEXPERT

Another initiative embarked during the UMWeb site enhancement project was the development of the web based UMEXPERT portal.

UMEXPERT came into the picture to resolve the issues of updating the lecturers CV which was manually done at the initial stage of the UM Web site enhancement project.

Indeed, many have suggested such a system earlier but it did not materialized. The development of UMEXPERT demonstrates a unique blend of ideas coming from many aspects of academic spectrum.

UMEXPERT currently plays an important role in generating information with regards to UM’s internal Academic experts under the following links on the main UM Web site:

Besides serving its role as the UM expert directory to the um website, UMEXPERT in its capacity has gradually becomes the portal which provide a standard and managed platform for UM Researchers to introduce and promote their research work and ultimately aimed to promote UM as a Research University.

UM Web sites Task Force

The UM Web Task Force was then formed to handle the continous need and improvement of the UM Web site. The UM Web Task Force also work very closely with the International and Corporate Relation Office (ICR).

Current UM Web sites Task Force:



Chief Advisor

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development)

Planning, Framework, Implementation
and Integration Concept

Asiah Abu Samah
Div Head,
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

Design Concept & core Web site CMS Engine

Adnan Yahya
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

Monitoring, Design and Information update on Core Web site
(News & Events, Special Highlights,
Media Clippings, Office Directory, Site Map, A-Z, FAQ etc)

Huzienetta Hamdan
Heirol Nizam Ayim
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

ICR reps for Information update support on Core Web site
(webcast audio & video editing, Text-Only,A to Z, MOU/MOA, Public Lectures)

Mohd Ridhwan Mohd Ezad
International & Corporate Relations (ICR)

Google Search Appliance (GSA)

Huzienetta Hamdan
Thanaletchumi A/P Dharmalingam
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

PTJ Web site (subsites) Design Concept Advisor

Azlin Mohd Ali
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

PTj Web site (subsites) CMS engine & UMNEWS engine

 Mohd Zuhaidi Nahar
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

Special site Information Update & Design (ICT Service,Webcast)

Mohd Mazran Shafie
Adlisyah Mohd Nor
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

Miscellaneous Design,Web Multimedia,
Multiple System Integration
(UMRefereed Journal,UMConference)

Mohd Rais Nasruddin
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

Miscellaneous Design, Web Multimedia, Photography for Web & Multiple System Integration (Umfacts : Research Gallery, MOU, Awards, Lecture Series)

Ahmad Nazirin Shamsudin
Collaborative & Communicative Application Division, PTM

In addition to the Task Force, the UM Web site initiative also include representatives from various Faculties, Academies, Institutes, Centres, Research Centres, Residential Colleges, Administration Offices and independent organizations.(See list of representatives)

General Info About the UM's Departmental Web sites as of March 2010 :

By end of 2008, along with the continous effort to enhance the core UM Web site, the UMWeb Task Force has started looking into the task of upgrading the departmental Web sites in stages. Meetings were held and chaired by the Vice Chancellor, himself with selected Faculties, Academies, Centres and Institutes. The objective of the current exercise is to realign all the subsites not only to reflect on UM as a reknown Research University but also befitting the Internationalization and ranking efforts.

Inline with the above efforts to improve the departmental website, members of the Collaborative Application Division ,PTM started the development of CCM 2.0 EDI in November 2008 to replace the older version of CCM(which was based on the APLAWs plus).

CCM stands for Content Collaboration Management System. CCM 2.0 edi. is an engine developed to manage PTj's Website in a distributed manner. The prime objective of CCM is to provide a manageable framework for PTjs with no technical staff to update their website. It is centrally manage and monitored by PTM.

The new CCM 2.0 edi. is equipped with the following enhanced features such as:

  • Support multi-template design from one engine.
  • Able to generate multiple website with multiple domain from one single engine.
  • It does not require separate engine installation.
  • Group access control & audit trail functionality for interdepartmental users.
  • Enhanced editorial function ( FCK Editor & General Purpose Content Type).
  • Provide Multi-Template environment.
  • RSS Feed enabled.
  • Integrated storage functionality for files and images.
  • Time based article publishing function.
  • Plug-ins are provided based on requirement as the engine is internally develop.

To date , a total of 69 departmental websites had been developed using the CCM edi 2.0 platform, 12 websites are still on-going and 69 non-technical staff from respective department had been trained to maintain their own website using the CCM 2.0 edi engine.

The Subsite Category

Number of Responsibility Centre

  A) Number of Departmental Web site in CCM edi 2.0 :



   B) Number of Web site Self developed by Faculties
       & Departments:
  • Institute, Academies, Faculties & Departments 
  • Research Centres
  • Residential Colleges
  • Others (UM Library, UM Press, UM Cooperative Bookshop Ltd, Rimba Ilmu, Palapes, PPHB)



Collaborative and Communicative Application Division

Last Updated 30th June 2010

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