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About UM Central Authentication Management System (CAMS)

  • Is an authentication system initially intended for web applications. The first time a user attempts to access a web page protected by CAMS, will be sent to a central login server and prompted to authenticate. Once the user has logged in, the CAMS server will send their encrypted identity via tickets back to the original web page they were trying to access.
  • The project is a joint venture project between Pusat Teknologi Maklumat and Nervesis Sdn. Bhd. The project was first initiated in 2005 but is still ongoing in terms of usage expansion.
  • CAMS won an award for "Anugerah Inovasi Penyelidikan Bersama Antara Sektor Awam Dengan Sektor Swasta (AIPB)", 2006. This award is coordinated by MAMPU and MOSTI.
  • CAMS is not just an LDAP.
  • Unified Directory cluster in CAMS consists of two well-known open source technologies, OpenLDAP and Kerberos. The unified directory has the following features:
  • Real-Time Replication between instances of unified directory.
  • High Availability: The load is served simultaneously by two instances of the unified directory, making the performance almost double the performance of one instance. If an instance of the unified directory is down, there will always be another instance serving the load.
  • Multi-master replication: This feature allows updates, additions or deletions to be done at any instance of the unified directory.
  • N-Tier replication: This feature allows N number of replications of the unified directory. With this feature, we can replicate a unified directory to be used by a faculty without having to worry about the master. N-Tier allows scalability in product deployment.

  • Our CAMS server is based on original CAS (open source) by JA-SIG. However, CAMS has more advance features than original CAS. Currently, original CAS is only 20% for CAMS.

Current CAMS Project Team Member :

    - CAMS project was initiated in 2005 after a series of discussion in 2003 and 2004 on open source based Single Sign On solution such as that being used by Yale and MIT.

    Project Concept
    Initiator & Supervisor

    Asiah Abu Samah
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)

    Project Consultant /
    Technology Expert

    Azhar  K. Mustaffa
    (Nervesis Sdn Bhd)

    Responsible Technical Team By Project :

    CAS for IAMS & BIE

    Kanmani Munusamy
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)

    CAS for UMPortal & UMisisweb

    Adnan Yahya 
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)

    CAS for UMMail

    Azlin Mohd Ali
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)


    Norhafizah Hashim
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div

    CAS for UMRefereed Journal

    Thanaletchumi Dharmaligham
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)

    CAS for e-Learning

    Anisah Johari
    (Collaborative & Communicative Div)

    CAS for Wireless

    (Network Division)

    CAS Servers Infrastructure

    Junnaini Ismun(Server Division)

    - The technical team members are responsible for both the implementation and monitoring of CAS in their respective areas. This is to ensure quick response to disruption.

CAMS Implementations :

    - CAMS serves about 33,000 students and 5,000 staff. CAMS has been operating in UM since 2006. With CAMS, users experience SSO when accessing several applications below :

    • Umisisweb for student portal.
    • UMPortal for staff.
    • Integrated Account Management System (IAMS) for staff.
    • JasperServer: Enterprise Reporting System for IAMS.

   2008 :

    - In December 2008, CAMS has been implemented to replace the current manual administration of wireless authentication.  Immediate benefits are :

    • Easier and less hassle in managing wireless authentications.
    • Seamless process to users (student and staff) , users only need to ensure they have their formal email account working.

   2009 :

    - In April 2009, CAMS was introduced as the authentication engine for UMEXPERT. As a result of the implementation, UMEXPERT users are able to get into UMPortal from within UMEXPERT without having to do a second log in.

Collaborative and Communicative Application Division

Last Updated 15th June 2009
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