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Implementation of Search function via Google Search Appliance (GSA) on UMWeb site

Our UMWeb team have been looking for a comprehensive search solution since our UM Web enhancement project in 2007.

Since Our UM Website, is not a stand alone static websites. We faced issues when it comes to searching for accurate information across the various websites within the UM website domain.

Before GSA, our team had to resort to using both :
  • native search functions which are commonly available in each of the websites
  • and also on the publicly available google search which is commonly used by many websites.
There are limitations for each of the above :
  • for native search functions , they work in silos
  • for google public search, we depends on google's indexing priorities to get noticed

With GSA, a person doesn't have to understand the hierarchical structure of the UM Website to find the information they're looking for. It helps us resolve the issues of searching for information across our heterogeneous environment.

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University Malaysia (UM) Centre for Information Technology, locally known as Pusat Teknologi Maklumat (PTM), had been looking to implement a comprehensive search solution, and turned to the GSA to improve and provide higher quality search results.."
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Last Updated 10th August 2010

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