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Customisable Solutions: UM HELPDESK SYSTEM


PTM Helpdesk acts as first point of contact for the Information Technology Centre, University of Malaya which provides basic support on ICT related problems in campus. Helpdesk provides information to customers who wish to seek clarification on the services provided by PTM .UM community can also make complaint either by walking-in to PTM counter or by using Online Helpdesk System (

The major functions of PTM Help Desk are:

  • To Provide basic support on ICT related problems in campus over the phone ( 1st Level Support)
  • To manage , monitor and ensure Helpdesk system is used as the first point of contact for users to log their ICT problems
  • To perform daily monitoring on the status of complain in the Helpdesk system and give feedback.
  • To provide counter services for walk-in staff, student , vendor and others on ICT or non ICT matters
  • To manage the incoming and outgoing delivery of ICT equipment and repair services
  • To manage the printing of the campus card for UM staff, student, external member of Library and pensioners
  • To manage the FAQ system related to the services provided by PTM for UM community
  • To perform PTM customer service satisfaction survey yearly.

PTM provides smart card printing services to UM staff, pensioners and external member of the library. Cards will be issued to all UM staff for the new appointment, contract renewal or replacement card. PTM is also printing student cards in the event of missing , damage or replacing cards.

Applicant must submit an application form to the PTM counter together with the photographs. For staff, application form can be downloaded from staff portal. Undergraduate student must request the application form from SKR and postgraduate shall request from IPS. All forms must be approved by relevant Head of Department or Deans. Cards for individual applicants will be ready within 10-15 minutes.

Smartcard Charges
No charges will be imposed to newly appointed or promoted staff. But the charges will be imposed on staff in the following circumstances: Lost, damaged or replacing the card with less than five years usage. For students, it will be charged in the following circumstances: Missing or damaged.

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