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Announcement :: New Requirement For Staff ICT Courses 2013 :: Test and Certificates

To All UM Staff

Inline  with the audit requirements and to ensure that staff has  adequate understanding of ICT courses attended, all participants are required to sit for a test on the second day of the course.

For example: -

Course: Basic ICT Skills (Email, Internet and Microsoft Office) - 2 days


Day One - Morning and Evening (Lecture and lab exercises)
Day Two - Morning (lecture and lab exercises)
Day Two - Afternoon (Test and Evaluation survey Online)

Test Criteria

30 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. Passing marks are 60%.

Test Results: -

The tests will be conducted online,thus evaluation results will be available a few seconds after the test ends.


  • Staff who passes the test and attended at least 3 session of the course (one day – 2 session-morning&afternoon) will receive 2 certificates; CERTIFICATE  OF ATTENDANCE and CERTIFICATE OF ACHIVEMENT.
  • Staff who fail will  only receive CERTIFICATE  OF ATTENDANCE.
  • CERTIFICATE  OF ATTENDANCE will not be given to staff who DO NOT SIT for the test.
  • For 2013, the certificate will only be provided in softcopy. Staff can print the certificate themselves.
  • All certificates will be issued after the course ends.

Positive response from all are welcome to ensure that this effort can be part of the many continuous improvement inline with the University mission and vision which is to produce more IT savvy/literate staff.

Thank You.
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