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PC on Power Diet ?


Do you know that you can save money by putting your PC on a Power Diet?
How can you do this?.PTM is pleased to provide you with the manual to set the power management in your PC.
Please click on the link below :

This manual can also be accessed through UMPortal ( Take the following steps in UMPortal:
  • 1. Click on the "PTj Info" tab
  • 2. Then click on the "Maklumat ICT" icon
  • 3. Then click on "Langkah Penjimatan" icon
  • 4. Then click on the "How to set Power Saver on your PC" link
  • 5. Then click to download file

Let us all ensure that our PCs do not waste energy and therefore do not waste UM's money. Let us all take part in this cost saving move for UM.

For more tips on power savings, please follow this link:


Updated For Customer Service Division- (PTM)
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